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It's All About the Board

It's All About the Board is all about taking your nonprofit to the next level! This new release will help you learn all about boards, fundraising, donors, the importance of the governance committee, and so much more! Get your copy today!

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It's All About the Board

What You Will Learn

Elements of a Successful Nonprofit

Elements of a Successful Nonprofit

How the challenging experiences of a nonprofit, introducing best practices, and expanding our unique personal approaches to nonprofit work are related.

Board Governance, the Committee, and Evaluating the Board

Board Governance, the Committee, and Evaluating the Board

Why strong board governance leads to good planning and successful fundraising.

Major Donor Campaigns, the 990 Form, Zero-Based Budgeting, and More!

Major Donor Campaigns, the 990 Form, Zero-Based Budgeting, and More!

How an effective board leads to strong fundraising that helps support impactful programs.

The Board's Job Description and Expectations

The Board's Job Description and Expectations

Why establishing expectations for board members is a key to a highly functioning board.

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If you want to take your nonprofit to the next level, then keep reading!

Having spent most of my career with a national leader in the nonprofit space, I’ve had the opportunity to learn from many outstanding, and highly knowledgeable colleagues—both within and outside our organization’s movement. It’s All About the Board brings this accumulated knowledge to you.

My leadership experience varied from a small nonprofit to a growing medium-sized organization. In each of my roles, I found myself leading turn-around efforts. The teams I was fortunate to lead, including the board, staff, and volunteers, successfully took the organization to the next level and beyond. The secrets to growing these organizations are contained in this book.

Along the way, I learned best practices for virtually every type of issue and situation. Being the leader or in the top leadership of the board or staff is demanding. Challenges and obstacles are common in nonprofit leadership. I found that having as many best practices as possible in place makes it much easier to focus on problems as they arise. I teach these principles in my book.

Doug Linder

Founder, Linder and Associates Consulting
Doug Linder, Nonprofit Consultant

Even if your nonprofit is successful already, you won’t be sorry you bought this book!

You’ll learn strategies, techniques, and systems that will develop and improve board development and membership, fundraising, the major donor campaign, the governance committee, and the importance of assessing your board! This book is packed with information that’s vital to the growth and success of your nonprofit.

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Loved by Many Readers!

This book is the Bible for Non-profits! Covers the gamut and is applicable to both large or small operations! Well done!

COL Dave Apt

This book is a must read for anyone involved in the non profit world. It not only is a great read, but also has tremendously useful information , techniques and strategies to really help you succeed as a non profit organization. Definitely a five star rating!!!

Ed Best

I didn't expect that the book would have so much great information on development of a nonprofit board and board members. I'm going to recommend this book to everyone I know who works in or with nonprofits.

Ron Regan

Doug Lindor’s book was very informative. It’s a must have for anyone involved in a nonprofit organization big organization small. Interesting read for folks like me that didn’t know much about the Ins and outs of nonprofits. Well done.

Valerie Gomes

The author shares his experience with what makes non profits run successfully. This was eye opening to me how serious it is to have a good foundation and to be aware of the responsibility of involvement in time, money, and legal issues.

Helen Fizzel

Doug Linder created a book of value to those wanting to begin or improve their non-profit. Realizing the board members are the foundation to success, he has given the reader step-by-step questions to ask and shows us how board’s members can learn to work together to reach their common goal of running a rewarding organization.

Mary Jane Cronin

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