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Do you want to change the lives of your constituents?

Are the finances of your nonprofit getting in the way?

Many CEOs want to improve the performance of their nonprofit so they can fulfill the mission of their organization. I understand that. But, when there’s no money, there’s no mission. Learn how to fix that!

Topics Covered in This FREE E-Book

Identifying Major Donors

You must know how to identify and define major donors before you can move forward with the Major Donor Campaign.

Establishing Goals

Goals are vital to any campaign. This e-book breaks down why goals are important to the Major Donor Campaign.

Articulating Policies

This e-book also establishes one specific policy your nonprofit should have and why it's so vital to your campaign.

Developing Major Donor Program

This e-book breaks down the process of developing a major donor program step-by-step.

Organizing Research Software

Do you have "prospect resource software?" Find out how you can use it to spur forward your campaign!

And More!

Learn about Affinity, Capacity, relationship, and more! All of these are essential to major donor campaigns. Learn why and how to implement each of them in this FREE e-book!

About Author

Doug Linder

Doug is a thought-leader in the nonprofit space who collaborates with organizations serious about their message and community commitments. His record as a turnaround consultant has earned him a unique reputation for helping nonprofits who are underperforming to restore their focus and achieve success. He has a unique talent for developing positive community relationships, identifying underlying friction in board organization, and eliminating pain points within the organization. He works in all key areas of nonprofit performance, including financial, programs, and fundraising.

Doug’s consulting company, Linder and Associates Consulting, provides a wide range of services to assist nonprofits. For more information, go to www.linder-associates.com, or check him out on LinkedIn.

What Doug's Clients Are Saying

I highly recommend Doug for any nonprofit struggling with board issues. Doug is highly effective at identifying and addressing issues so that the executive team can focus and execute the nonprofit's mission.

David Hart

M3 Linked Florida

I highly recommend Doug for any start up nonprofit struggling with board issues. In a very short amount of time, Doug addressed our issues and helped to turn things around for our nonprofit. We haven’t looked back since! Thanks Doug!

Leanne Scalli, Ph.D.

Director, At Earth to Autism

As I took on my first Executive Director role, I had the opportunity to have Doug Linder assigned to me as a mentor. Doug was great about providing insight and in connecting me to others in the region. Out of this connection, we developed a mutually beneficial friendship with the opportunity to learn and grow together.

I found Doug to be a creative and decisive leader. His insight and tenacity served the Champaign YMCA well as he sought to bring this organization to new levels of service in the community. 

Daryl Sieplinga, CFRE

CEO, State Alliance of Michigan YMCA

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